• By - Russell's Shave Club
  • 23 April, 2020

Celebrities are often known for their avant-garde and trendsetting styles – especially in the facial hair department. 


With facial hair however, it takes a certain level of discipline and care to create a great image. But the results are certainly worth it. A proper shave will have you looking like you go to the same barber as say… David Beckham. 


You might find ‘proper shaving’ to be a chore but making that transition from an electric shaver or cheap razors to a straight razor or cut throat is an experience you won’t look back on.


Here are 5 iconic celebrity beards and how to achieve them:


  1. David Beckham – a true fashion guru that is a household name, his current look is a full, but refined look. Start by opening your pores via a warm shower or a hot towel, paying attention to the area under your lip as cuts will be visible with this style. Trim any stray hairs with scissors to emphasise the flow of the beard, then taper the front, under the lower lip to highlight the centre.


  1. Drake – taking refinement up a notch, Drakes beard focuses sharp lines under the cheeks. Open the pores, applying a quality shaving cream then using your fingernail as a marker where to make the contours. Don’t be intimated by using a cut throat razor; due to the accuracy of the blade, you’ll be performing fewer strokes, reducing the risk of irritation. Our entry-level razor is currently £20, and for the results it offers, you’ll never go back to inferior alternatives.

  1. Jason Momoa – Jason’s beard represents his public persona – a rough and ready approach, yet that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t take care in his appearance. The focus is mostly in the tapering of the beard, but the cheek area is managed well too. Even alpha males like Jason are vulnerable to the odd cut here and there, and you can bet he wouldn’t be fazed by it, applying an alum block such as our own, or styptic matches for when on the go.

  1. Nick Offerman – Don’t be fooled by Nick’s apparent unkempt signature facial hair. Though somewhat an unruly looking beard, you can emulate the same style while maintaining control through trimming stray hairs to applying a pre-shave oil to the beard to soften it up. Frequent combing of the hair will encourage growth, but to add volume during this period, you can keep the cheek areas in line by defining a clear area where the beard starts and stops.  

  1. Tom Hardy – Tom Hardy is another celebrity with many iconic beards – often swapping them out depending on his next role. Tom will often be clean shaven at the sides and neckline. To achieve the best results, you want to use a shaving cream that provides enough coverage to soften the hair, applied with The Russell’s Shave Club Synthetic Shaving Brush. The synthetic bristles dry quicker than traditional animal hair brushes whilst managing to hold more water – producing a thicker lather for effortless shaving. The perfect addition to any man’s shaving kit.


There’s an obvious reason why barbers have been using the cut throat razor since 1740. In a simple word: efficiency. You won’t get a better shave when it comes to the cut throat razor, and it needn’t be a scary venture.


At Russell’s Shave Club, we offer the best selection of blades you can use, but understand the cut throat isn’t for everyone, hence why we supply the double-edged blade too.


For more information on what razor is suitable for you, whether you want advice on which of our products to use or if you’re interested in one of our shaving sets, do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!