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Art Deco Inspired Chrome Mach 3 Razor

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This unique hexagonal designed Mach 3 is built to provide a quick and reliable shave. Perfect for the modern-day shaver who wants to be in and out of the bathroom in style.

About This Product: Art Inspired Mach 3 Razor comes with a cartridge for instant use. Built for comfort and easy usage. 

Contents: Mach 3 Razor, Cartridge.

How To Use:

  • The Mach 3 blades are built to provide up to 15 comfortable shaves. Once the Lubrastrip fades to white. Push the button at the back of the cartridge for a smooth and easy release and replace by sliding the handle in the new cartridge and wait for the click before releasing.



It Is against the law to sell razor blades to under 18 year olds in the UK. By purchasing this product You represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years of age.

Customer Reviews

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Good looking Mach3 razor

Nice razor, good clean Mach3 shave and lots of other shaving accessories to buy on the website at the same time.