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Shaving Brush, Bowl & Shaving Cream Set

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Accessories are the foundation for the perfect traditional shave (Once the right razor has been chosen). 

About This Kit: A trio of exceptional accessories to help create that feel-good routine in the bathroom. 

Contents Shaving Brush, Shaving Cream, Acrylic Bowl

How To Use:

  • Shaving Cream/Shaving Brush: Dip your shaving brush into some warm water and squeeze out the excess, now take a finger of your chemical-free sandalwood shaving cream and push it into the brush. Finally, rub with medium pressure in a circular motion to the intended shaving area. 
  • Acrylic Bowl: implement a circular motion with your lathered brush to the wide-mouthed bowl until a generous amount has been made. You can now apply the lather to the intended shaving area and re-apply if required.

Customer Reviews

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David B.

I've been shaving with a cut throat for some years and now with the products from Russell's shave its perfect