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Why you need to pick up a Double Edge Safety Razor today.

When you first decide to pick up a Double Edge Safety Razor, it can seem a little daunting at first. While it looks like a traditional masterpiece of engineering, with its choice of cutting sides and elegant handle – those blades seem extremely sharp and not your typical 3-5 blade cartridge system.

So, why would you want to put down your cartridge razor and switch to a Safety Razor?  Here are our top 5 reasons for making the switch today:


  1. Say Goodbye to Razor Drag: We’ve all heard the marketing “More blades mean the closest ever shave!” , but they never mention razor drag in these ads. It's important to note: the more blades on a cartridge system, the more physical razor blades that are moving over your skin. This can lead to post-shave razor burn and skin irritations. Double Edge Safety Razors have one blade - reducing drag across the face and minimising the chance of taking off the top layer of your skin with the hair.


  1. A Better Shave for Less: Each replacement blade for your safety razor can cost as little as 10-25p when you order in bulk. Change your blade with every shave and you’ve got yourself the most affordable, closest shave with the cleanest and sharpest blade possible every time.


  1. Thick hair? No Problem: Do you find when you use a cartridge razor that your hair clogs and pulls? This can lead to a clogged razor and even worse, skin irritation for you. The Double Edge Safety Razor comes with your choice of 2 cutting sides. Combine that with a fresh blade every time you shave, you’ll be saying goodbye to clogs and irritations for good!


  1. The Closest Shave: As mentioned before, you’ll be changing your blade with every shave. This will not only give you the sharpest blade possible, but will also teach you the art of clean blade practice. Remember, those blades will be very sharp, so take your time and practice. Once you master the craft, you’ll never look back.


  1. You’re in control: Of course, there’s a learning curve when making the switch from your cartridge-based system. You’ll need to concentrate and take every stroke of the blade into consideration. Once you’ve got the process locked in, shaving with your double edge safety razor will become a ritual for you.


If you are feeling ready give it a go or if that double edge safety razor you have is gathering dust, now is the time to pick it up! A Double Edge Safety razor is an investment at first. Before long, you will end up with an incredibly sharp, precise shave every time.

Invest in a weighted, balanced and well-constructed razor handle. Having a well-balanced razor handle means you shouldn’t need to apply additional pressure to ensure a close shave. The Double Edge Safety Razor by Russell’s Shave Club offers incredible balance. The machined handle gives you excellent grip and control throughout your shave.

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