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The Biggest Benefits of Using a Straight Razor

The Biggest Benefits of Using a Straight Razor


Are you looking to transform your shave? An increasing number of men are ditching their regular shavers in favour of learning the art of straight razor shaving. Although it can daunting to know where to start, learning the skill and investing in a high-quality straight razor can give you an unrivalled shave.


There are many benefits of using a straight razor, so if you are still unsure we have put together our top reasons you should start today:

  • Enjoy a closer shave

One of the biggest benefits of straight razor shaving is that it can give you a much closer shave. A straight razor is able to provide the closest shave possible, giving you a smooth, neat and incredibly clean look that will ensure you look your very best.


  • Less irritation

    Another benefit of using a straight razor is that it can help to cause less irritation while shaving. With one sharp blade, rather than the three found in a cartridge razor, you will reduce the number of times the blade has to pass over your skin.


    A straight razor can also help you to prevent ingrowing hairs. Modern razors tend to tug and pull at your hairs, which results in the follicle under the skin being damaged and hairs growing at unpredictable angles. A straight razor will give a smooth and clean shave, without damaging the follicle.


    • Save money

      A straight razor should also be considered as an investment. A high-quality razor will last for many years and help you reduce the number of times you need to purchase a replacement razors.


      While it might be a higher initial cost, the longevity and higher quality of a straight razor is a more cost-effective solution in the long run.


      • Reduce waste

        One of the biggest environmental issues facing the world currently is plastic pollution and waste. Opting for a straight razor can help you to lower the plastic and old blades you are throwing away, reducing the waste you are producing and your impact on the environment.


        • It’s relaxing

          Another benefit of a straight razor shave is that it can be very relaxing. While you might think holding a sharp blade to your throat is anything but calming, as you concentrate on the shave, you can block out anything else running through your mind and escape the fast-paced hustle and bustle of life.


          Looking for a high-quality straight razor?

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