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Powder Coated Safety Razor With Synthetic Shaving Brush - Includes 10 Feather Blades

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Enter the world of wet shaving with our premium quality safety razors. It makes for a cleaner shave at a fraction of the price due to the high-quality blades.

About This Kit: The perfect pair to ease you into classic shaving, bound to provide a smooth shaving experience. 

Contents: Safety Razor, 10 Feather Blades, Synthetic Shaving Brush.

How To Use

  • Shaving Brush: Dip your shaving brush into some warm water and squeeze out the excess water. Now take a finger of your shaving cream and push it into the brush. Finally, rub with medium pressure in a circular motion to the intended shaving area. 
  • Safety Razor: Keep at a 30-degree angle and apply little to no pressure allowing the weight of the razor to do the work. Go along the grain of the hair and take your time, you can even do a second run through to eliminate any stubborn hairs. Take your time and the results are worth it. 

UK LAW: It is illegal in the UK to purchase razor blades and razors when under the age of 18. By purchasing this product you represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years of age.

Customer Reviews

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Ryan O.

Brilliant, so easy to use!