Our Story

Russell’s Founder:

Kyri has been a barber for over 17 years, working in his own shop in central London. He’s also worked on movie sets and with celebrities across different countries, all in an effort to master his craft. Throughout his career, his love for traditional grooming has grown and it’s become his preferred way of shaving. The problem was, brands were either overpriced or not providing high-quality products, he saw this as an opportunity to bring something special to the market. 

Russell’s Shave Club was born from a rebranding that took place 2 years ago but Kyri has been putting shaving products into men’s hands for over 7 years. The rebranding brought a new purpose to the company and we’re more passionate than ever. Kyri believes in male grooming as an effective self-care tool, adding this routine to your day can help bring a positive start. Shaving will no longer be a chore, but a skill to master and Russell’s Shave Club is here to facilitate that. 

Russell’s Team:

We’re an innovative team that’s always looking for ways to improve. We’ve found success in our space and it’s all thanks to an amazing group of people, working tirelessly to stay ahead of trends. We foster an open and honest work culture that inspires good energy and encourages individuality. Our team is committed to bringing the best male grooming experience to your home. We take your feedback seriously and are constantly monitoring your reviews as a way to improve our products.