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Alum Block (100g natural potassium alum stone)

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An aftershave tool used for soothing the skin. This is suited to the traditional shavers looking for the classic barber experience in the comfort of their own home.

About This Product: A natural potassium alum block, works as an antiseptic to reduce the risk of infection and clears acne. 

Contents: Alum Block 100g 

How To Use:

  • Run the alum block under cold water until the surface is wet. Now Gently rub the alum block over the area you’ve shaved. If any cuts are present then hold the alum block over them for 20-30 seconds (You may feel a tingling sensation). Finally, leave your alum block to dry and ensure you store it in a dry place before your next use. 


Naturally occurring Potassium Alum.


Customer Reviews

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Craig B.
Brilliant - Love it

Had never heard of these, for those people who wet shave and care about their shave this is a must to have… brilliant bit of kit, leaves a smooth finish pre moisturising.

Andrea A.
Amazing product

Fabulous :) n