Don't let a scruffy beard hold you back. Upgrade your grooming routine with our Ultimate Beard Grooming kit. Achieve a perfectly groomed beard that exudes style and professionalism, boosting your confidence to take on anything.

The Ultimate On-The-Go Grooming Tool

The kit features a premium beard trimmer that is specifically designed to handle even the thickest beards with ease. The sharp blades are the same ones that barbers use to ensure that you get the perfect cut every time. Whether you need to take down the thickness of your beard or line up the bottom of your neck, this trimmer has got you covered.

Beard Care Duo

Our Ultimate Beard Grooming Set includes two essential products: a Beard Wash and Beard Oil. Our Beard Wash deeply cleanses and nourishes your beard, leaving it soft, clean, and smelling great. Our Beard Oil moisturizes and conditions your beard, preventing dryness, itchiness, and split ends. The result? A perfectly groomed beard that looks and feels amazing. Upgrade your grooming routine and experience the benefits of a well-groomed beard with our Ultimate Beard Grooming Set.

Free 3-Piece Beard Kit

This kit wouldn't be complete without a beard toolkit, so we've included one completely free. Worth £20, Russell’s beard toolkit includes essential grooming items like beard scissors, a beard comb, and a beard brush. With our high-quality scissors, you'll achieve precision trimming, while our comb and brush help to detangle and shape your beard with ease.

Designing The Kit

This kit has been designed by our founder, Kyri, who has been in the barbering industry for over 18 years. His expertise and experience have been poured into every aspect of this kit, from the selection of the best tools to the formulation of the pre and post grooming products.

What’s Inside The Kit

  • Russell's premium beard trimmers with 3 adjustable guard lengths (1.5mm, 3mm, 4.5mm)
  • Russell’s beard oil, 30ml
  • Russell’s beard shampoo, 125ml
  • 16-month warranty
  • 45-day money-back guarantee

Free Gift:

  • Russell's beard kit: beard brush + beard comb + beard scissors (Worth £20)

Take advantage of this exclusive offer and get the perfect beard you deserve.

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