The Importance of Preparing Your Skin Before Shaving

shaving is something that the majority of men around the world end up doing on a regular – if not daily – basis. And for those who aren’t shaving, beard trimming and maintenance is likely to take up just as much time on average.
Getting a great shave feels amazing, especially when using vintage techniques and tools like a straight razor or safety razor. And a beard never looks better than when it’s just been freshly tidied up and maintained, either.
But shaving like you really mean it, or shaping your beard to your preferred standard, is an art that needs to be mastered. And it’s important to put enough attention into the preparation and ritual itself, so that the overall process goes as well as you would want it to.
Here’s a look at the importance of preparing before you shave or shape up your beard.
Pre-shave preparation can allow for a much more effortless shave
One of the main reasons why people end up neglecting their pre-shave routine, is simply because they feel that it takes up too much time, and makes the shaving process a bit too drawnout.
When all is said and done, though, proper preshave preparation might take a bit of time in and of itself, but it will mean that the actual shaving process is far more streamlined, effortless, and effective.
Before shaving, you should soak and heat your stubble using a damp, hot washcloth. This will help to soften the hairs and relax the skin of your face as well.
The next step should be to use a product like Russell’s Shave Club pre-shave oil which helps to further soften the stubble and sooth the area with aromatherapy oils.
Pre-shave preparation can dramatically reduce skin irritation
If you’re shaving on a daily basis, the last thing you want is for each shave to leave you with a terrible rash that never gets the chance to properly heal.
A proper preshave routine can go a very long way in helping to reduce irritation – for one thing because it helps to soothe the skin, and for another thing because it helps to soften your beard hairs and makes them easier to cut.
Shaving should be a smooth and effortless process, but it’s worth remembering that what

you are doing when you shave is dragging a sharp blade (or blades) across your face. The more resistance those blades encounter, the likelier you are to cut and irritate your skin, or to end up pulling out hairs that should be cut cleanly instead.
Proper skin treatment can also help to reduce the odds of ingrown hairs getting trapped under the skin later on. Our Russel’s Shave Club shaving cream and post shave cooling balm can help with this.
Brushing and oiling your beard before a trim allows you to manage it accurately
Everyone’s beard “sits” differently, and if you were to try and trim it without any preparation, it’s very likely you’d end up with an uneven cut that would look messy and haphazard.
Before you trim your beard at all, brush it all over with a stiff bristle brush against the grain, so that it stands up all over, and so that you can see where it needs to be tapered off, adjusted, and regulated.
A bit of beard oil can help to make your beard more pliable as well – but in any case, you should certainly use some kind of beard oil or moisturising product at the end of your trim, to keep it as healthy and sleek as possible