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A dedicated collection for people who love shaving with a traditional razor. 

Shaving and grooming your beard will never be the same again with the use of our aesthetically designed straight edge razor shaving kits. Offering an exclusive range of shaving sets, take your personal pick of traditional razors and give yourself that clean-cut shaving results you barely get with your old blade. Whether you want to achieve a clean-shaven look or are going for well-groomed stubble, create a precise look with a ton of comfort and style.

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Explore the highest quality shaving experience from Russell's shave club specialists in beard grooming, shaving kits, hair styling products and electric shavers.
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Unmatched Quality

Here at Russell’s Shave Club, we feature premium-quality cut-throat razor sets that not only look uber chic but give you your desired shaving results every single time. From Wood, Silver, Black, and Black & Gold handles, each one is made to support you and deliver unmatched comfort and maneuverability. Inspired by masters of the blade from all around the world, you exclusively get shaving quality of the highest caliber from our Cut Throat Razor Kit without parting with too much of your cash.

Get your hands on a perfectly crafted straight razor plus a wide range of shaving essentials, all in one place. From the finest shaving brushes to essential beard oils, you get a complete set of products helping you with your daily grooming routine. Shaving can be rough on your skin, that is why we’ve designed the best grooming tools only with high-quality materials and ingredients perfect for your daily needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore our range of shaving essentials now!

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