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Russell’s Shave Club blends modern style with classic grooming traditions to help you look and feel your best.

Why Should You Care?

Modern shaving has become a chore. It’s all about how fast you can get in and out of the bathroom. You pop the cartridges into your blade, get a few razor burns and call it a day.

That’s not our style. At Russell’s, we encourage men to take their time grooming themselves. Create a luxurious routine and master the art of traditional shaving with our premium quality cut-throat razor sets. 

What Do We Do?

Our goal extends further than simply getting our products into your bathrooms. We want to arm you with the knowledge to use them well. We plan to deliver tonnes of valuable content, so you can master the blade and take control of your grooming experience. We believe all men should try using a cut-throat razor at least once. it’s a unique form of self-care that will have you looking and feeling marvellous. 

  • Customer Experience

    We pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding customer experience. The delivery of our products is designed to impress, from the presentation of our goods to the packaging. So whether you’re ordering for yourself or a loved one, you’re bound to be wowed. And of course, we offer an incredible free return policy, up to 30 days of money-back guarantee if you’re not pleased. 

  • Quality Of Products

    Our face and hair products were made here in the UK by industry-leading experts. But all products on our website undergo hundreds of tests, tweaks and changes before we’re happy with the final result. We continue to release new products and designs to our customers, using your feedback as the primary guidance! 

  • Educational Content

    Our founder Kyri is the primary creator of all content and with 17 years of barbering experience, he certainly has the knowledge to help you use a cut-throat razor. The goal of the content is to show you that a cut-throat razor isn’t an intimidating piece of equipment and doesn’t require years of barbering experience to use. We plan to provide more content across all our platforms that help you use our products better and give you helpful grooming tips.

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