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Post shave cooling balm 120ml | Russell's Shave Club | cooling spearmint - russell's shave club SOLD OUT
£12.00 GBP
Post Shaving Balm - cooling Spearmint 120ml | Russell's Shave Club  Perfect for post shave irritation. Cooling & soothing Aloe Vera base. A Rich Blend of Grapeseed & Peppermint essential oils. Brightens & rejuvenates the skin. Menthol tingles...
£9.00 GBP
Osma Bloc - Alum Block 100g | Russell's Shave Club  Soothes shaving irritation. Helps seal post-shave cuts. Made from a naturally occurring mineral. Made in France by Laboratory Osma since 1957. Superior natural shaving product. METHOD: Dip the Osma block...