Alum Block (100g natural potassium alum stone)

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Alum Block (100g natural potassium alum stone)

Are you aware that shaving not only cuts facial hair but also removes your skin’s protective barrier? The natural barrier that is preventing skin-related infection from occurring!

By using our Alum Block, you’re making sure that your skin is protected from being exposed to these infection-causing bacteria and dirt after you shave.

Why do you need one?

  • Prevent the annoying side effects of shaving such as ingrown hairs and razor burns by using an alum block to soothe the skin after your shaving routine.
  • Reduce the risk of infection. The alum stone is a natural antiseptic that can drastically reduce the risk of infection from accidental nicks and cuts caused by dull blades.
  • Clean acne lesions at the same time. Like most acne treatments, the alum block may also reduce acne lesions by cleaning out the bacteria that causes them.
  • Chemical-free treatment! Made from natural potassium, this alum block will prevent any harmful chemicals from causing further damage to the skin.
  • Add this essential to his grooming kit! If you’re looking to vamp up his shaving routine, giving an alum block will drastically improve his overall shaving experience.

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Order your alum block today and never have to worry about infection and irritation from occurring again by cleaning the area with an antiseptic companion, made to be part of any man’s grooming essentials.


Dip the Alum block in water and apply to the skin area in a back and forth motion post shave.


Naturally occurring Potassium Alum.


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