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Matt Silver Cut-Throat Razor | Includes 10 Platinum Blades

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Russell’s Shave Club presents the gentleman's tool: A premium quality cut-throat razor perfect for shaping up your beard from the comfort of your home. 

About This Kit: Once you master the blade you’ll be able to maintain an immaculate beard and save a small fortune doing it. 

Contents: Premium quality cut-throat razor, 10 Platinum Blades.     

How To Use: 

  • Cut-throat blades have microscopic ridges on them, so when shaving at a 30-degree angle it provides a closer shave with fewer strokes needed. For an in-depth guide on how to install the blades and shave safely with a cut-throat please view our video tutorials.


It Is against the law to sell razor blades to under 18 year olds in the UK. By purchasing this product You represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years of age.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Hannah B.
Amazing product

Was very happy with this came all nicely packaged and is really easy to use very good quality

Bodrul I.
Quick delivery and sharp. Does What its supposed to.

Actually really good to use. Lightweight. Nicked myself twice. First one my fault as I pressed down to hard. Second one, had a spot. Admittedly used it only once, but made styling, lining and sharpening my beard alot easier in half the time. Would definitely recommend but I would also say watch alot of YouTube videos relating to technique. There's a guy on insta and youtube called the real Jay barber who has videos in how to use a cut throat. Really good instructions.

Stewart R.

Very happy with my purchase from price, product quality and delivery time.

Brian G.
Cut throat razor

Brilliant gives a great shave

Lilyan I.
Best product and customer service

My husband is very pleased with this razor and it comes in a beautiful leather pocket too. Very responsive customer service, it didn't arrive at first probably because my location was hard to find, they sent it another one, next day delivery. Thank you so much.